Race Horse Photos Australia is no longer trading and covering horse racing within Australia.

This has come about due to bullying by management at Racing Victoria Limited and follow photographers.

You can still buy images from race meetings covered at our new site Sporting Photos Australia.

I regret that this had come about, however RVL as well as a number of follow photographers who are very close to those within the media department at RVL wanted me out.

Those names will be released pending legal action.

It must be noted that since starting working within the racing industry at the age of 16, my love for the sport grew stronger, however, in the last few years I feel that the sport is being ran into the ground to satisfy self worth and huge egos. I often in the last few years found myself at a lost at some of the moves made by RVL & TVN.

The hiring of a man with a long and poor history of bully from the AFL in Andrew Catterall, the hiring of Shaun Kelly who was a known under performer during his time at HRV and a host of poor media moves have seen racing go to a laughing stock.

Until this is fix, by the appointment of a racing commissioner nothing will change.


Race Horse Photos Australia